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How the South Dakota Lakes are Organized, 

This website is divided into four sections. Eastern South Dakota also called East River is designated for the land East of the Missouri River. This land is generally used for agricultural crops and livestock. The mid to long grass prairie creates a unique ecosystem with flat land, long grass, and few trees. Most of the major lakes in Eastern South Dakota were created by receding glaciers at the end of the last ice age. The extreme North Eastern portion of South Dakota is known as the Glacial Lakes region. Many of the other Lakes and Dams East river are man made to assist in agriculture and human welfare. Western South Dakota also known as West River is designated as the land West of the Missouri River. This land is generally used for livestock production with some crops. Western South Dakota gets significantly less annual precipitation than the rest of the state. Due to this lack of moisture West River is know as a short grass prairie. There are only a few natural lakes in Western South Dakota the majority of the water is stored in dam’s and reservoirs for agriculture. The Missouri River cuts the South Dakota in half. The Missouri also known as ‘the Muddy Mo’ has four distinct reservoirs in South Dakota. Lake Oahe, Lake Sharp, Lake Francis Case, and Lewis & Clark Lake are all divided by dams used for hydro electric power generation. It is no secret that the Missouri River is the life blood of South Dakota creating world class fishing, boating, and outdoor recreation opportunities. The final section of southdakotalakes.info is dedicated to the Black Hills. This unique and distinctive geographic region is located in the extreme southwest of South Dakota. Unlike the rest of the state the Black Hills has mountainous terrain with conifer and deciduous forests. The lakes in the Black Hills are mostly created by precipitation therefore have high water clarity and pristine quality. Most of the lakes in the Black Hills are stocked with fish including trout and bass.

Notices and Disclosures,Vacation to Waubay, SD. The prarrie lake is very unique and a Wildlife Sanctuary

SouthDakotaLakes.info promotes conservative efforts toward our natural resources. Make sure to have prior permission and licensing before entering private or permitted land. Please adhere to fishing limits and practice catch and release to promote a great experience for future generations. Some lakes within the website permit motorized boats where others do not. Make sure to check current regulations or boat ramp closures for watercraft activities. Some lakes or sloughs in South Dakota do not have fish in them, or have recently dried up or froze. We are not responsible for your interpretation of any fishing guides. There are seven different Native American Reservations within South Dakota make sure to respect their laws as well as the state and federal laws that regulate South Dakota’s resources. Check with the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks as well as the Black Hills National Forest websites. We are not responsible for the misuse or accuracy of this website’s information or any consequences of any peoples actions.                                    

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